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Structured Cabling

"There's no replacement for cable placement".

Carrying the life blood of the data driven world cabling must not be overlooked, our philosophy is there is no such thing as too much cable. "Always Be Future Ready"

Lighting Control

Energy Saving is of course paramount in the world today but why not make it look good whilst doing it. Add mood and atmosphere to any room with subtle lighting affects that give the wow factor.

HD & Audio Distribution

Centralising Equipment and distubuting around buildings is by far the best option, because lets face it who wants to look at an array of ugly black boxes and wires.

Hide it all away out of sight.

Business and Enterprise

From a cutting edge enterprise Wi-Fi deployment to digital signage installations and everything inbetween.

Bring the big screen to the comfort of Home.

Weather your a movie lover or sport fanatic emerse yourself in the sights and sounds that come from a well designed Home cinema.

Oh and dont forget the popcorn.!

Home Cinema
Home Automation

Home Automation can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat or occupancy sensor, or as sophisticated as setting up a network to enable centralized control of your entire home. The aim is to simplify your life and help you live comfortably by automating everyday tasks and giving you remote access to your home when you're away.


Bringing Yachts into the 21st century. With innovative design of top class integrated systems worthy of these magnificently crafted vessels.



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