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Business & Enterprise


We are able to provide solutions for local enterprises, centred around the expanding needs for Wi-Fi design and deployment together with CCTV surveillance design incorporating remote access controls.



Qube Integration are able to provide pre-deployment Wi-Fi survey analysis to determine appropriate solutions to avoid performance problems in the WiFi environment.

Qube Integration provide consulting, design and installation of wireless networks. We will design a wireless solution tailored to your current needs and projected growth.   

Qube Integration are solution-focused so when getting broadband with sufficient bandwidth to a location may be difficult. We can deploy a state-of-the-art, point-to-point wireless solution that meets your needs.


Key Installation services include:

• Survey and Analysis

• Installation of access points

• Installation of enclosures (physical security)

• Deployment of antennas

• Connection of antennas to access points

• Connection of Backbone LAN to access points

• Connection of power to access points

• Installation and connection of remote power system

• Verification of coverage Network management



Qube Integration can assess and design surveillance systems tailored to exact specifications.

Commercial premises sometimes find it necessary to have a surveillance monitoring station. We can design a station that will accommodate the needs of any security personnel. We will also provide a demonstration of the monitoring station to allow security personnel to use the equipment to its full potential.


Our installations offer a wide range of features including:


• Large choice of cameras and DVRs

• Features such as: motion detection, internet viewing, recording timer, USB backup

• User friendly DVR recorders

• Maintenance and servicing contracts available

Wi-Fi design
design and installation of CCTV surveillance
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