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Lighting Design

lighting design services

Designed around you

To ensure your project can reach its full potential, the lighting design element should be considered at the very beginning of a project, well before electrical first fix stage. Early engagement will assist in the delivery of an outstanding project.

As Jersey’s only Lighting Design business, we have the unique advantage of having a team of technical specialists in-house, providing a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver well designed and seamlessly integrated bespoke lighting.

Using high quality components and superior dimming, ensures the smoothest transitions from day to night, turning a bright space for entertaining, into a relaxing ambience, effortlessly.

Utilising both artificial and natural lighting, we will make make your home, your sanctuary, creating a bespoke design specifically tailored around your needs

Open plan spaces and multifunctional areas can be a challenge when using traditional lighting, with many switches and zoned lighting a simple space can become over complicated. By designing well conceived lighting control, open plan areas can become harmonised spaces, with both individually zoned lighting or whole area scene setting, controlled from one intelligent interface. 

control system kitchen modern

Every one of our lighting designs is unique and suited perfectly to the space and its users experience within that space. By carefully considering the balance of natural lighting with beautifully designed interior and exterior fittings and carefully selected window treatments, we will transform your living spaces. Blending visually impactful lighting with unique scene settings from a single touch

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