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Λbout Us

Qube Integration was founded from a desire to pursue a solution to the modern day challenges of integrating people with technology into the environments which they occupy both in the residential and enterprise sectors.

integrating people with technology
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There is an ever increasing requirement which we are all faced with, whereby we are using technology as an extensive part of our daily lives, be it in the work environment, communicating with friends and family or enjoying media at our place of business or in our homes.


It is evident that the buildings we occupy were not historically built with modern day living in mind and technology we use at the forefront of their design.  As such, we need to work with what we have to retrospectively compensate and deliver a solution or alternatively we look to create Smart Buildings for the future.


Smart buildings are those which are able to not only accommodate the requirements of today but importantly those of the future.

We are unable to foresee how we will use technology in the future but we can effectively 'Future Ready' ourselves by designing flexible and robust infrastructure which is able to be adapted to new uses. 

The focus of a Smart building is that it is prepped for future technological needs today.







Smart Technology is increasingly becoming a standard fixture within modern environments however there is a general lack of understanding or awareness within the building industry to ensure successful implementation when desired.

Qube Integration are able to provide the expertise required to assist with designing the required technology solutions seamlessly into the building process and coordinate the installation across the building trades.


Before starting your building project, speak to us for the specialist bespoke advice you need to make your project a successful 'Future Ready' Smart building.



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