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International Dark Sky Week 2024

2nd-8th April 2024

The Countdown has begun


As a Lighting Design Company we understand how important the balance between light and dark is and how essential well considered external lighting is in lessening our impact on the local ecology and to help protect the night sky for all to enjoy the wonder that lays above.


As Advocates of Dark Sky we will be joining in the celebration of dark and natural light. We hope that many others will advocate for the dark sky and join in locally to make the most of our island at night.

Earth Hour 2024

23rd March 2024

Switch off and Give an hour for Earth on Saturday, March 23rd at 8:30 pm your local time. Together, let's create the Biggest Hour for Earth!

Qube Integration are promoting Earth Hour 2024! Find out more at:

Qube x Phos CPD

25th January 2024


Thank you to everyone who joined us !

On 25th January Qube hosted our first CPD event at the Royal Yacht Hotel in St Helier

We had a fantastic turn-out for this event and hope everybody who attended found the topic as interesting as we do!


'Biophilic Design and the Neuroscience of Light'

Our guest speaker Alexander Cadisch from Phos, who will be publishing his book later this year, gave an enlightening presentation on his area of expertise


We hope you will be able to join us at our next exciting and educational event

Reach out if you'd like to know more!


We h

February 2024

As we enter the Age of Aquarius is it perhaps timely to ponder the potential impacts of the digital age upon ourselves, our homes as well as our surrounding environments. Many of us can appreciate the positive impact that technology can have, allowing us to make the most of more free time to spend doing the things we enjoy.

There are however those ruminating thoughts surrounding how far we allow technology to weave its way into our personal and collective lives. 

With the possibility of Al being able to speed up a host of previously lengthy and dull tasks, we wouldn't be the only ones welcoming a little automation. 

When considering that Al really is still at an infancy stage right now, many do wonder how far this will go to in the coming years ahead.

One thing is clear, as a species we are at a clear point of human evolution where many are questioning these very things.

As a Company who is focused on Lighting Design and Integration of intuitive control within the home space, we do have our eye to the future while being very cognisant of the impact and importance of balancing both the natural and technological world.

An illuminating perspective on Light and Control


Light truly is transformative in it's very nature. It is clearly an essential element, both inside and outside of our homes which can be harnessed as a key design element in the spaces we occupy. 


When we are using excessive light through inappropriate selection of beam angles or the incorrect types of light colour render it can in fact be detrimental in a number of ways.


The benefits of light can not only be seen but in how experience it with  the way it makes us feel. Warmer tones can transform our internal landscape leading us to feel more relaxed and tranquil, while brighter white lighting can feel cold and bring a feeling of alertness. Light has been shown to help in the healing process for both humans and animals alike. There is also increasing evidence to support the notion that correct lighting can help with focus and learning.

The Shadow Side of Light


When we accept that light cannot exist without the dark, this leads us to consider that shade is an essential element of design. From an external perspective we also understand how poorly considered, designed and controlled light can have a significant detrimental impact on ourselves and to our local ecology with, wildlife imbalances from excessive light escape, glare and poor purpose consideration.


This can also be observed when we have buildings with significant glass frontage, light can easily spill to surrounding environment without proper care and consideration.


The good news is that we can each personally choose to opt for a more positive impact by considering these factors when we design a scheme blending biophilic light rendering which looks to mimic natural light, patterns and cycles factoring elements of the dark sky principals, while laying in intuitive controls.


We are also able to balance truly beautiful light with fittings sourced from hand selected suppliers who are aligned in our principal of impact, where we can factor in elements of control which further reduce the excessive use of lumens by trimming light to pre-set levels. All of which can be further enhanced through programming to follow the circadian rhythm of the seasons. This not only allows us to better enjoy transformative spaces with light but it lowers the impact of wasted light, escaping light and use of more energy than is needed.


When starting to consider a lighting scheme we look to understand the purpose of each light placement, how will this light will impact the area (technically and aesthetically).


By creating a design which factors in principals of the Dark Sky Association we look to reduce the over all negative impact that can result from poor lighting concepts.


We are also able to factor in integrated window treatments, which benefit from technical fabrics, which again work to prevent light leakage at the same time reduce the natural light flooding in and over heating a spaces.


The answer to how we manage both technology advancements and nature is knowing that we each have choice, bringing conscious awareness to what we put in our homes and how it is ultimately serving us and our collective environments has to be the key.


Finding Balance between the Natural World,  Technology and Lighting Design
- By Danni Herve

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